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IKEA gets a new home at Tottenham Court Road

14 September 2018 by Lizzie Bollada

IKEA, the Swedish furniture retailer is commonly known for three things: argument-inducing flat pack furniture, Swedish meatballs with some rather questionable ingredients and its large out-of-town showrooms where customers can immerse themselves in the possible and walk through well put together kitchens, bedrooms and nurseries. It is this last point which is of interest to LDC, as IKEA is (for the very first time) opening an in town location. Using LDC data I am going to look at their selection of Tottenham Court road for this new site.

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What impact has the demise of Toys R Us had on the toy shop market?

15 August 2018 by Lizzie Bollada

The UK toy industry generates approximately £2 billion in revenue annually (Source: IBIS World). There are currently 1,079 toy stores in operation across the country, many of which I’m sure have seen a recent surge in sales as parents look to buy items to keep children entertained for the long stretch of the summer holidays. There are currently four main players in this market, these being The Entertainer, The Early Learning Centre, Toymaster and Smyths. Of the 1,079, these top four make up 433 of the total (40%) and then another 42% are independent shops. Openings and closures across these four companies have been relatively stable in the past 12 months, with any closures representing less than 5%. 

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