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What were 2016’s key retail and leisure trends? (Part 1)

24 March 2017 by Matthew Hopkinson

On Tuesday 21st March, LDC held its 15th Retail and Leisure Summit where I presented what the trends of 2016 were, alongside looking back to 2012, which was when the peak in vacancy rates and closures occurred. A quick summary of those trends is below and more detail can be found in the FULL report if you are an LDC client or in the SUMMARY which can be downloaded for free HERE.

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Has the internet killed the role of department stores?

16 February 2017 by Matthew Hopkinson

Department stores have been the feature of the British high street for centuries. They made their entry onto the high street in the late 19th Century and since then some original names have gone and others have survived. For example, Harrods, probably the best known internationally, opened its doors in London in 1834 and remained as one iconic store until very recently when it expanded into airports.

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Ways a retailer can analyse its store portfolio in order to decide whether to open or close stores

14 November 2016 by Matthew Hopkinson

This week M&S announced that it will close 30 of its UK ‘department’ stores – this excludes M&S Simply Food. They currently have a portfolio of 30 stores of this format of which 41% are on high streets, 36% in shopping centres, 18% on retail parks and 5% elsewhere. This is not a overly large number of stores when compared to the likes of Next, New Look and Arcadia.

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Marks and Spencer – How can they achieve store estate optimisation in a rapidly changing world?

10 November 2016 by Matthew Hopkinson

The question that is most often asked or answered in the market is ‘how many stores should you have?’ In my view there is no exact number that is applicable to all but a number that is derived for each retailer based on their customer profiles, their sales channels, footfall conversions and the strength of their brand. Some may have the necessity to follow certain retailers and feed off their footfall, or conversely you might be a destination store in your own right. Recently at LDC’s 14th Retail Summit in London, the property director of Pizza Hut talked about this from his experience. For Pizza Hut the feeling was that 300 was a good number for a profitable operation for them. With over 100,000 stores opening and closing across the country, figuring out optimum store numbers is a challenge, especially when you then identify where the stores should be located for the next 10-15 years.

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Mind the Gap – why total retail requires finite detail

26 October 2016 by Matthew Hopkinson

Many words are used to describe the modern retailing environment – multi-channel, omni-channel, e-tail, total retail, e-commerce etc.

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‘In the balance’ – LDC’s report on what has happened in UK retail and leisure in H1 2016

27 September 2016 by Matthew Hopkinson

Last week LDC held its 14th bi-annual retail and leisure summit in London at the offices of Berwin Leighton Paisner. How time flies since the first summit back in 2009 which for those of you who remember was when the retail world got its first recession shock with the closure of 809 Woolworths on one day in January.

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Why food delivery, the new ‘bricks and clicks’ phenomenon, could have major impact for the food and beverage market.

15 September 2016 by Matthew Hopkinson

Last week saw an announcement by Amazon that they are entering the food delivery market in the UK with a free one hour delivery service for its Amazon Prime members who pay £79 a year for a range of services including free delivery.

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What is really happening out there post BREXIT?

01 August 2016 by Matthew Hopkinson

So we are now six weeks on from the momentous surprise and perhaps shock vote on the UK’s membership of the EU.

Every day since the 23rd of June has had been a surprise for many reasons – be it the change in the government leadership team, the terrible human tragedies in France and Germany, the attempted coup in Turkey, the change in investment actions versus rhetoric of some large international corporates (GSK) and the see-sawing of the financial markets and currencies.

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Is footfall data fit for purpose?

01 July 2016 by Matthew Hopkinson

Footfall along with the weather are the most often used and sometimes misunderstood words in the world of places/retail.

Often the data is incomplete, inaccurate or being disseminated for reasons beyond the actual meaning of the data.

Stats abound everywhere, every week from footfall being 9% down on high streets in the last 5 years to 3% down in shopping centres and 5% up in retail parks but what does this really mean and most importantly should we believe it?

Data be it big or small, should be transparent and clear.

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Analysis - Ladbrokes and Coral - how many shops and where?

23 May 2016 by Matthew Hopkinson

This post originally featured on Matthew Hopkinson's blog here.

A recent provisional ruling of the Competition and Mergers Authority (CMA) could mean that Ladbrokes and Coral may be forced to close a tenth of their shops in order to prevent a monopoly. The CMA has identified 659 locations where they believe that consumers will be disadvantaged.

The last decade has seen much controversy around types of high street retail

Currently Ladbrokes and Coral have over 4,000 shops between them and on a very even split.

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