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Is footfall data fit for purpose?

01 July 2016 by Matthew Hopkinson

Footfall along with the weather are the most often used and sometimes misunderstood words in the world of places/retail.

Often the data is incomplete, inaccurate or being disseminated for reasons beyond the actual meaning of the data.

Stats abound everywhere, every week from footfall being 9% down on high streets in the last 5 years to 3% down in shopping centres and 5% up in retail parks but what does this really mean and most importantly should we believe it?

Data be it big or small, should be transparent and clear.

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The launch of the 'SmartStreetSensor' Footfall Project

30 June 2016 by Noelle Ghanem

The Local Data Company (LDC), in partnership with University College London (UCL) and the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) launched on Thursday June 30th, the most comprehensive study of High Street footfall patterns across Great Britain to date.

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Measuring the increasing number of converts to coffee

18 May 2016 by Local Data Company

In this blog post, Chris looks at the close relationship between coffee consumption footfall and analyses footfall profile's of different location types across GB.

The recent UK Coffee Week got me thinking about the close relationship between coffee consumption and footfall, now that the major brands have multiple outlets in most of the UK’s prime locations, and have persuaded many of us that the concept of ‘morning coffee, afternoon tea’ is highly out-dated - and that 24/7 coffee is a good thing.

I exclude myself from this generalisation, as I still consider myself proudly old-fashioned when it comes to liquid refreshment. Yet, the more I travel from the Midlands to work in London, I find myself increasingly meeting clients in coffee shops or finding the nearest outlet with a clean table and free WiFi - I can feel myself being dragged into the post-midday coffee culture. With opening hours well into the evening in some of the busiest locations, the days of coffee being a morning rital are long gone and it seems that almost any location is now viable for a coffee shop, as long as a certain volume and quality of footfall can be guaranteed.

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