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Our latest bi-annual Retail and Leisure report is out now!

05 June 2018 by Sarah Phillips

This bi-annual report looks at the entire retail and leisure sector over five years (2012 - 2017), with a focus on changes over 12 months of 2017.

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Mamas & Papas; proudly welcome their latest addition to the family [Portfolio Snapshot]

11 August 2016 by Noelle Ghanem

With consumer behavior changing all the time, more and more retailers are experimenting with pop up or concept stores in an attempt to bridge the gap between online and offline. Whilst this isn't particularly a new play in retail, it can provide a great opportunity to expand a brand’s reach or access a new market or location.

Which brings us to one of the latest concept stores, Mamas & Papas, who recently launched a smaller footprint store named One Four Four on Clapham’s Northcote Road in London. The store is part showroom, part community space offering a limited range of leading products (their full range is available to shop digitally in-store) alongside an emphasis on wellness, experiences and gifting.

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Analysis - Ladbrokes and Coral - how many shops and where?

23 May 2016 by Matthew Hopkinson

This post originally featured on Matthew Hopkinson's blog here.

A recent provisional ruling of the Competition and Mergers Authority (CMA) could mean that Ladbrokes and Coral may be forced to close a tenth of their shops in order to prevent a monopoly. The CMA has identified 659 locations where they believe that consumers will be disadvantaged.

The last decade has seen much controversy around types of high street retail

Currently Ladbrokes and Coral have over 4,000 shops between them and on a very even split.

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