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American Apparel return online, Lidl overtakes Waitrose in market share and more closures announced for Barclays bank

22 September 2017 by Sarah Phillips

Last month we experienced a truly British summer with rain, grey clouds and the Great British people carrying on despite it all, with many reporting Retail sales were on the up. Once again, the hardworking LDC desk research team have collated their highlights from the past few weeks and below are the headlines we think you need to know about.

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Amazon break sales records, Tesco launch same day delivery and Bolton council reveal £1bn revamp plans for the town centre

11 August 2017 by Sarah Phillips

July was the month when summer officially started, the kids celebrated the start of their summer holiday and parents desperately search for things to entertain their kids for a full five weeks. However, LDC’s office-based research team were hard at work scanning the internet for activity in the Retail and Leisure market. Here’s a snapshot of what happened in July split by retail sector:

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Is the 2016 mid-year slump back for another year?

25 July 2017 by Sarah Phillips

Data from LDC’s quarterly Dynamic Location Intelligence Bulletin (full version sent to all customers of LDC) has shown that growth across all Retail categories and location types market slowed right down and in many cases, started to reverse in Q2 2017.

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Meet the industry experts forming the panel at LDC's 15th Retail and Leisure Summit

24 February 2017 by Sarah Phillips

On the 21st March, we will once again be holding our 15th Retail and Leisure Summit, which is very kindly hosted by Hogan Lovells LLP.

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[Press Release] Improvement in vacancy rates on pause in third quarter

13 October 2016 by Local Data Company

The picture across Great Britain – improvement flattens

Britain’s shop vacancy marginally increased to 12.4% in September from 12.3% in August. Annually this is down -0.5% from the same period last year (September 2015).

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[Press Release] Pre-Brexit uncertainty sees a -46% drop in retail and leisure property activity levels in July 2016 compared to July 2015

12 August 2016 by Local Data Company

The picture across Great Britain

Britain’s shop vacancy marginally increased to 12.4% in July from 12.3% in June. Annually this is down -0.6% from the same period last year (July 2015). This change was driven by fall in the number of new units in July of -3.5% and a 44% drop in the number of vacant units getting new occupiers.

Overall activity levels were down -46% in July 2016 compared to 12 months ago (July 2015). This is due to stakeholders in the property sector delaying major property decisions, such as new store openings, developments and conversions, in the lead up to the referendum in June. These impacts are now being evidenced in the LDC data.

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Mamas & Papas; proudly welcome their latest addition to the family [Portfolio Snapshot]

11 August 2016 by Noelle Ghanem

With consumer behavior changing all the time, more and more retailers are experimenting with pop up or concept stores in an attempt to bridge the gap between online and offline. Whilst this isn't particularly a new play in retail, it can provide a great opportunity to expand a brand’s reach or access a new market or location.

Which brings us to one of the latest concept stores, Mamas & Papas, who recently launched a smaller footprint store named One Four Four on Clapham’s Northcote Road in London. The store is part showroom, part community space offering a limited range of leading products (their full range is available to shop digitally in-store) alongside an emphasis on wellness, experiences and gifting.

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[Press Release] Britain’s shop vacancy drops to its lowest level since December 2009 (April 2016)

17 May 2016 by Mark Colgan

The picture across Great Britain

Britain’s shop vacancy dropped to 12.4% in April, the lowest since December 2009. This is down -0.6% from the same time last year (April 2015). This change was driven by a decrease in the number of units becoming vacant (down 16% from April 2015) along with an above average number of units being removed from the overall stock (+76%, when compared to April 2015).

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[Video] 5th Retail Market Trends Summit Summary by Matthew Hopkinson

31 March 2016 by Local Data Company
On 30th March, we hosted our 5th Retail Market Trends Summit at Hogan Lovells' offices in London.

During the event, Matthew Hopkinson presented the latest analysis of openings and closures activity for both independent and multiple retail and leisure occupiers across Great Britain's shopping locations in 2015. 

For those who were unable to make the event, Matthew has summarised the key findings from the report, the questions posed during the panel discussion and topics to keep in mind for 2016.

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The panel members for our H2 2015 Retail Market Trends Summit

21 March 2016 by Mark Colgan

We will be hosting our 5th Retail Market Trends Summit at Hogan Lovells' offices in London on Wednesday 30th March. With over 100 people signed up already, spaces will soon be limited. Please click here to find out more about the event and to register your place.

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